Thursday, November 02, 2006

3 Day Pictures - Part 1

Finally some pics from the walk!

I'm going to wear this EVERYWHERE - our victory tee shirts that we received at the finish line.

Day 1 - Part of Tent City - the big white tent is where they fed the thousands of us! There were 2 people per tent and over 1,000 tents.

Day 2 Start - Only 1 day late for me! It was cold out after a cold night of camping.

Day 3 Start - It didn't rain for long.

Day 3 - Entering Atlanta with Trish!

Some wear their heart on their sleeve, some wear their breasts on their hat.

3 Day Pictures - Part 2

Less than 1 block to go! This woman and her Pink Power Ranger were there to cheer us on at least 3 times per day!

Mom and Mark met me at the entrance to Piedmont Park.

The official finish line inside Piedmont Park!

Mark (my brother) loves Healthy Honkers, too.

Breast Cancer survivors wore pink victory tee shirts. This survivor had a great sense of humor - check out her hat!

2,250 Walkers entering Closing Cermonies.

A one-shoe salute to the breast cancer survivors who walked with us, as they entered closing ceremonies.