Friday, July 28, 2006

A Milestone

We reached a milestone on my fundraising journey yesterday - 50% of the way there! This graphic doesn't convey it with quite that excitement since 50% has been pledged, not collected, but I know we've gotten there.

On the physical training front, I figure it'll be much easier when we get a second car and I have more flexibility in my schedule. I was supposed to walk 5 miles yesterday, but instead I'll do that today. I'm supposed to walk 8 miles tomorrow and 6 miles Sunday! We'll see. I'm also supposed to do an unspecified type of cross-training a couple days a week. They suggested cycling, elliptical machine, swimming, rollerblading, pilates, yoga, or dance. I think I can pretty much eliminate rollerblading from that list. The gym sadly got rid of their after-work classes. Which leaves spinning in the mornings (intimidating) or a class called "Beach Bods" at lunchtime taught by someone named Britni.

I'll let you know. I'm thinking a video at home sounds more appealing than Beach Bods with Britni.

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