Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Keep Walking

The hardest part of all of this is the long walks. Not so much because of keeping your heart rate up, because the long walks aren't fast. Not so much because of physical stamina either, although blisters are a major threat. But just because of the time committment and boredom. This Saturday I'm supposed to walk 10 miles. Even if I average a little over 3 mph, that's still over 3 hours!

In other news, I didn't walk at work today. I waited until I got home and used the apartment complex gym. They've bought all new equipment! I wish I'd known that earlier. Now all the cardio machines have their own TV. Just plug in your headphones and you can watch whatever you want. Today was a 3-mile today.

OH! You've been waiting to hear about the exercise ball. It was fine. I don't think it was much exercise, but it was a lovely stretch, and used my muscles a bit.

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