Monday, August 14, 2006

Walk On

I think I've walked twice since I last posted. I thought I'd be good at this blogging thing, but I'm not too faithful at posting, am I?

Thursday after work I walked. I meant to walk 5 miles, but it was kind of an odd one. When I got to the gym I realized that I had a cramp in the bottom of my foot. I stretched it out and started slowly and it worked itself out, as anticipated. So I sped up the treadmill, at which point the cramp came back and migrated. The back of my ankle cramped, then my calf, then my hamstring. I stopped the machine and stretched, but the cramps wouldn't go. So I achieved merely 3.5 miles on Thursday.

What does that mean? I should eat more bananas? Isn't potassium supposed to be good for that?

Saturday we were in Blacksburg, VA, so I got to walk outside in the lovely Blacksburg August weather. It was only 70 or 75 degrees in the morning. I got drizzled on a little, but it wasn't distracting. Perfect weather for walking, and I got to do hills, which I know I'll face in Atlanta.

Something to think about: Have you checked to see if your company will match your contribution to the Breast Cancer 3-Day?

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