Thursday, August 10, 2006


Yes, I am a slacker. But at least I'm not slacking on training, only on the blog! Tuesday I walked 3+ miles on the treadmill at the apartment complex, and yesterday was a cross-training day so I did 30 minutes on the elliptical. Today is a 5 mile day. Didn't really do anything exercise-related this weekend as we were out of town for a family reunion and it was approximately 130 degrees out. That's the best I can estimate.

This coming weekend we will be out of town again, but the weather should be better. Saturday is 5 miles and Sunday is 6 miles. I'll let you know.

Lots going on in the Life of Ellen lately.

Now, to the Help Wanted: I'm collecting ideas for clever fundraising efforts. Anything you've seen nonprofits, other individuals, or churches do, lay 'em on me! Any crazy ideas from left field that you can think of, let me have 'em! Thank you in advance!


Audra said...

I've sponsored poker tournaments where part of the buy in value goes toward a donation and the rest goes to the pot for a winner. Also restaruants and individual consultants for things like Pampered Chef will give contributions for doing parties or drumming up business.

James said...

Hi Ellen,

I think that poker tournament is a good idea, I can see that working quite well.

Have you asked your company if they will help sponsor you? Our company does that through our Charity Comittee.

I dig the blog yo; I'm following it now!